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2018 Complete Price Mizuno Be 2 Womens Strength and Conditioning Training Shoes Best W2611

2018 Complete Price Mizuno Be 2 Womens Strength and Conditioning Training Shoes Best W2611

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Product Details
Everyone can benefit by incorporating BE into their training regime. The main purpose of BE is to strengthen and activate your lower leg and foot muscles to improve your running performance. Another purpose is to encourage intrinsic foot muscle activation, both in rehab or in a general strengthening sense.
Developed from the ancient Japanese Waraji sandals, which was shorter than the length of the foot. BE's sockliner dips just behind the toes, creating a space that allows the toes to flex and move freely, resulting in more muscle activity.

** UPDATED ** Redesigned Upper
- The aymmetrical design upper are made to help improve fit while air vents around the upper help improve breathability, keeping your feet nice and cool during intense workout.
DFC (Dynamic Function Heel Counter) Heel Cup
- Cups your heel to improve its natural function.
Forefoot Flex Grooves
- Enhances flexibility for a more natural, efficient range of motion.
Activation Insock
- This replicates the unique innovation of Waranji sandals, it allows the toes to move up and down and increases muscular activity and strength.
Skeletal Outsole Design
- This highly grippy and lower to ground outsole helps your foot adapts to the ground better and improve landing efficiency.
AP+ Midsole
- This lower profile moulded EVA midsole offers cushioning and comfort at footplant.
BE Footprint Outsole
- Provides long term lightweight and durability.
Weight: 150g

Be shoes are inspired by the old Waraji sandals that were worn by the samurai class and foot soldiers during the feudal era of Japan. Fascinated by the Waraji sandals which were shorter than the feet of those wearing them, Mizuno conducted a series of biomechanical tests to determine the benefits of teoes protruding over the front edge of the sandal.
The findings showed that protruding toes aid to stabilise the body, which was crucial for Warriors in combat and working people. Furthermore, the toes and the muscles of the feet and lower legs were more mobile and activated.
Be shoes feature an Activation Sockliner
, which replicates the unique innovation of the Waraji sandal. It allows the toes to move naturally up and down, and to curl and grip, which activates the muscles of the foot. This activation helps to strengthen two main muscles across the base of the foot - the Flexor Digital Longus
and the Flexor Hallucis Longus
- providing wearers with more propulsive (toe off) strength which can help to improve running.
The natural form oblique last allows the toes to spread as if barefoot which can help to improve running

BE. Wear them when you're not running - to improve performance when you are.
Manufacturer product code
- MIZK1GB136106